We Sell Vehicles EXACTLY the Way YOU Want to Buy Them!

You don't need to be a master negotiator, a whiz internet shopper, a professional car buyer, or have a relative in the business to get a great price. With our "Customer Centered Buying Process" we clearly mark every vehicle on our huge lots every day with our very best price, GUARANTEED!

In the past, customers that "knew the ropes" had an advantage over the occasional buyer. That "seasoned" car buyer knew how to get the "Best Price".

They never bought on the first day. They always spent days & weeks pitting one sales rep against another. Along comes the internet, and that old veteran shopper became even more educated on how to find that elusive "bottom dollar" or "lowest price". The problem is that no customer really enjoyed that process and even fewer had the time for it.

The days of going back and forth to the sales manager are over! There is nothing good about getting a great deal on the wrong vehicle for you. With our "Customer Centered Buying Process" all buyers are guaranteed to get our VERY BEST PRICE, right up front, the first time. You can now spend your time on some other very important aspects of the buying process like vehicle specifications, maximizing factory rebates, various financing options, or simply finding the right vehicle for YOU. These are some very important issues.

At other dealerships, the salesman is paid more if he can get you to pay more. Since our salespeople are non-commissioned, they can sincerely look after your best interest on every aspect of the deal without it hurting them in any way. You no longer need to rely on your skills as a negotiator. Everyone gets the same price, the BEST price, up front, every time.  That's why we say, "We Price Our Cars, Not Our Customers."

Buying a Car Can Be Exciting.  So Why Do So Many People Dread the Process?
At Long-Lewis™, We Take Away the Fear.

Honesty.  Integrity.  No Nonsense.  That’s How You’ll Be Treated Every Visit.

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