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Tunnel Wash FAQ


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How long will the Tunnel Car Wash take?

It can be as quick as 3 minutes depending on the Car wash Package you purchase, the tunnel can get you in and out like lightning.  The Full-Service Package generally takes around 20 minutes depending on traffic.  The Outside Express washes (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) take around 3 to 4 minutes depending upon traffic.  The Automated Teller can process cars quickly and the wash package chosen is accurate.  Everything is applied in the tunnel on the Outside Express Wash Packages, including the tire dressing.

Will the Car Wash hurt my car?

No, our tunnel wash uses only cloth wraps inside.  There are no plastic bristles that will scratch or dull the finish of your car.  We use Simoniz chemicals, which is a well known brand in car wash cleaning chemicals and supplies.  We remove all antennas to prevent any bending or breaking.  If something does occur, notify management or an attendant immediately.


How often should I wash my Car?

At least every other week.  Outside elements such as acid rain and bugs can damage your cars clear coat.  Keeping these acidic items (bugs included) off of your clear coat will help to preserve your paint and prolong the beauty of your vehicle.  We recommend that you purchase the Double Bond Rain Xtra ($3) to fend against the outside elements.  Double Bond Rain Xtra lasts for 30 days and it includes Teflon.  It is a Teflon Coating that serves as barrier between the outside elements and your cars finish.  It also repels rain, which increases your visibility during showers.  Also, Brake dust will bake onto your rims over a period of time.  This can damage and permanently darken the finish on your rims.  Keep these areas cleaned often to prevent this from happening to your vehicle.

How often should I wax my car?

4 times per year.  We recommend that you wax your car 4 times per year or every 3 months.  The wax that we use goes on clear and does not leave the white chalky film in the cracks/crevices that you may have seen in the past.  It is a Carnuba based speed wax that protects your vehicles clear coat for several months.  We only charge $ 20 for a Hand Wax and it takes approximately 30 minutes.

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